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Trend setting Chantelle Senso T Shirt bras create form-flattering curves for casual and sophisticated looks.

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Curvaceous Breasts Great Style Created By Chantelle Bras

Chantelle Senso T-Shirt Bra. Create a smooth seamless and subtle breast shaping with the Chantelle Senso T Shirt bra… underwire for just the right amount of support…close-to-body-comfort from micro fiber…stretch straps to adjust for the perfect fit so that straps stay in place…lightly lined cups for enhance sensuous comfort…female flattering shades including sand, ivory or black… bra sizing choices from 32A to 38F to match nearly every woman’s needs.

Chantelle Strapless Bra. You’re planning a special occasion, a night out, a wedding where you’ve selected a plunging front line outfit to reveal your most curvaceous form. This is when you’ll reach for your Chantelle strapless bra…discrete underwire construction for just the right amount of support…body-comforting micro fiber fabric…discrete stay-in-place silicone strips within the bra cup…stretch side wing panels for correct support…colors including ivory…a full range of size choices from 32 upwards.

Chantelle Bra

Chantelle Graphie T Shirt Bra. Looking for a soft rounded shape when you’re wearing casual gear? Then select from one of the form-fitting Chantelle Graphie bra models…colors including cappuccino, brown black and blue…stretch mesh and micro fiber for all-day comfy wear…lightly lined cups to increase shaping but not size…32A to 38F bra sizing choices…great to wear with casual gear.

Chantelle - Proper Bra Sizing To Guide Your Selection. Virtually every woman has bought the wrong bra sometime…you feel pinched at the sides or back…flesh seems to pour out over the edges…one cup fits, the other doesn’t…straps take on a life of their own, riding up or randomly falling off. Bra sizing certainly is not one-size-fits-all science, however simple rules of measurement will guide you into the likely-to-fit-well bra segment.


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