Champion Sports Bra for Comfort And Protection While You Play

Champion sports bra set the standard for active women. Stay in the action, get upper body protection, comfort heat and moisture management and more from the Champion sport bra line-up.

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Stay Dry Get Support Comfort And Breast Protection From Champion Sport Bras

Champion Underwire Bra - Stretch All-Day Comfort. You’re active, but you need more support, and protection. Solution? Put on a Champion action shape bra…molded cups extend support and protection… underwire construction props you without the “compression squeeze”…stretch fabric “moves” when you do…back-side v-strap design flexes and supports…high tech materials blending of nylon, polyester, lycra and spandex..size choices from 34C to 42 double D Champion bra…direct color choice in black or white.

Intense Sports - The Champion Action Shape Bra Line. If you’re working out in gymnastics, playing women’s lacrosse or soccer or basketball, then you’re on the intense side of competitive athletics. You need a Champion action shape bra that will move the sweat and heat rapidly…keeping you cooler when the temperature is hot, keeping you warmer when it’s cold outside. Action line Champion running bras combine the best in wicking fabrics…cotton, polyester, lycra spandex…10 different color combos to pick from…and a size and fit range to match most women athletes from 32A to 46C.

Champion Sports Bra

Plus Size Sports Bras By Champion. Keep it together, contained by wearing a full support underwire action bra by Champion. Stretch fabrics in nylon and spandex…molded cups that both contain and support your breasts so that you keep it together while exercising. Size choices range from 32B to a double D Champion bra for the fuller figured athlete.

Choosing The Perfect Champion Sport Bra - Proper Bra Sizing Tips. Getting the right sports bra is as much about what to get as it is what to avoid. Too tight is not right…nor is too loose. Straps that stay in place, stretching to move when you do rather than ride up or twist off. Compression versus molded cup underwire designs. What to do about one breast size that’s different to the other? And more…

* Buying And Measuring Tips. Here’s how to get the perfect Champion sports bra…or at least winnow down the selection to the most-likely-to-be perfect models. What do you need? Some accurate measurements. First, take a tape measure, place it 1 inch below your bust line and do a round-the-body rib cage measure…say the figure is 30. Next, add 4 to 5 inches to result in say 35, which will be the likely best bra band length. For cup size, you need to measure around the fullest point of your bust line…call it 38 for this example, then subtract the band width figure. Here’s how the math runs: 38” – 35” = 3 = Cup Size C.


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