Bali Bras For Feminine Support Minimizing And Great Looks

From petite to full figure women select Bali bras for all-day comfort, support, control over shaping such with minimizer line.

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Fashion, Sex Appeal Comfort And Support From Bali Bras

Bali Satin Tracing Bra - Full Figure Enhancing. Mature full figure women turn to the Bali Satin Tracing bra and its sister products…in order to look and feel their best. Like a minimizer bra, the Satin Tracing bra can support your breasts while reducing them by up to 1 inch. Wide body-contoured straps stay in place, yet can adjust to give you just the right support.

Contoured breast cups, lined to greet your sensitive breast skin, work in a support relationship with padded underwire structure…you get just the right amount of natural balanced support. Cool-to-the body textured nylon, polyester and stretch spandex …size choices from 34C to 42DDD / F means that the Satin Tracing bra will find a match with your body. Alternatively select another Bali minimizer bra design, the Lilyette, or the Lace Desire minimizer bra…all great choices to make you look and feel your best.

Bali Bra

Bali Flower Bra - Popular Underwire Many Size Choices. Getting just the right amount of lift and support without over-doing it is captured in the Bali Flower bra. Discretely padded underwire support…no stretch adjustable straps…bra sizing choices from 32C to 44DDD to match virtually women’s needs…beige, black and white color choices.

Bali Bra 3560 - All Stretch Underwire For All-Day Comfort. Women seeking greater all-day comfort pick the popular Bali 3560 bra…all over stretch…seamed breast cups…color choices rosewood, black and white…full bra sizing choice range from 34B to 42DD.

Bali 3362 Minimizer Bra - Support, Separation Reduction. You’re a full figure gal but you’re looking for a less pronounced profile…you reach for the Bali 3362 bra…carefully molded bra cups take charge…profile reduction of up to 1 ¾ inches…stay-put straps combine with the molded cups to shape and separate your breasts…34 to 42DDD means that every woman should find a 3362 Bali that fits and looks 100%.

Bali And Correct Bra Sizing. Face it. Each woman and her body is unique. There’s no way to shoehorn all women into a one-bra-size-fits-all…so Bali bra designers give you some of the widest selections so that you get as close to perfect bra sizing and wear-comfort as possible.

* Breast And Body Measurements Are The Tale Of The Tape. Get started on bra sizing by taking your first measurement, about 1 inch below your bust line…measure around your rib cage…say the number is 31 inches. Next, add 5 inches, or the figure is now 36”which should be the ideal Bali bra “band length”. Finally, in order to determine bra cup size, take a tape measure around your upper chest at your fullest bust line point…say the number is 39”. Now you subtract…39” – 36” = 3 = Cup Size C. Simple!

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