Tummy Tuck Surgery For Safe Body Contouring

Safe effective tummy tuck surgery reduces unsightly floppy skin and fat from your midriff. Learn about the abdominoplasty procedure, how you can qualify and create realistic expectations.

Guideline To Tummy Tuck Surgery Benefits

Reducing Loose Skin And Fat From Lower Abdomen.

A protruding stomach… poor muscle tone… loose spare skin… fat layering… all can be significantly reduced with a tummy tuck surgery procedure. Face it. Sometimes your body will simply not respond to exercise, diet or anything else you do. There’s no need to remain “permanently stuck” when either a full or mini tummy tuck surgery can get you instantly re-shaped.

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• What Happens In Tummy Tuck Surgery? This abdominal procedure is radical by any standard of assessment and by no means a gentle “tummy tuck” as gratuitously implied. Incisions are made in the lower abdomen. Fat is literally suctioned out. The navel is cut free from the abdominal wall and then re-located. Excess skin and fat are excised. The wound is then closed with sutures. This is not a game of bridge, rather it’s serious and invasive surgery that produces radical outcomes by any measurement.

Tummy Tuck

• Women, Pregnancy And Tummy Tuck Surgery. Tummy tuck surgery deals with looseness of skin or laxity in the muscles and skin of the abdominal area which can naturally occur in pregnancies or a cesarean section delivery. A natural process, this stretching and separating of muscles and tissue compounds over time, especially with follow-on pregnancies. Pregnancies for example tend to result in the muscles of the abdominal wall separating and then stretching as the child grows inside the womb.. Essentially the extended belly becomes the baby “trophy” left behind on the mother’s abdomen.

• Body Weight Fluctuations and Tummy Tuck Procedure. Abdominoplasty surgery also deals with rapid fluctuations in weight… weight gains or weight loss. When your skin flexes and stretches outwards… compensating for the growth in layered fat beneath…and then you diet or exercise to cause a weight crash, you get potentially huge amounts of loose non-responsive skin. Elasticity reduces over time and under pressure of weight gain.

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