Thigh Lift Surgery After Weight Loss

Thigh lift surgery corrects loose skin, fat deposits after significant weight loss. Sometimes combined with liposuction, tummy tuck or stomach bypass surgery, thigh lift cosmetic procedure helps to re-contour your upper legs.

Guide To Thigh Lift Surgery Procedure And Benefits

Correcting Loose Skin Folds. Based on diet, exercise or surgery you might find yourself losing significant amount of body weight. When this occurs, previously “stretched” skin around the thighs, stomach, hips, buttocks and breasts can assume a floppy sagging posture. For most people this emergent loose skin simply doesn’t look right. Cures? Realistically, exercise will have no or limited impact on restoring elasticity and shape to your upper thigh skin. Your more likely avenue is to correct your problem via a thigh lift plastic surgery procedure.

What’s Involved In Thigh Lift Surgery? You’re given a general anesthetic so you’ll be asleep throughout the 1 -2 hour procedure. Prior health exams and leg measurements by your surgeon provide the “game plan” for your inner thigh lift surgery. Incisions are made longitudinally, on the inner and outer surface of your thigh, as well as across or transverse in direction. A carefully calculated volume of skin is cut away. Sutures are inserted in order to bind the wound.

Thigh Lift

• Long Term Benefit Of Your Thigh Lift. Face it. Medial thigh lift surgery is a medically safe and effective technique to correctly re-contour your upper thigh and buttocks areas after weight loss. True, you’ll have some discreet residual scarring , which is barely visible to the eye, which will dramatically lessen in the 12 months after thigh lift surgery. However, what you actually get is an enhanced upper thigh, free of unsightly flapping dimpled loose skin.

• Qualifying For Thigh Lift Surgery. Interviews with area cosmetic surgery specialists will identify the surgeon whom you feel most comfortable with. In order to plan your thigh lift surgery, your surgeon will take digital photos of your legs before-and-after. Photos provide both a surgery planning guide as well as a visual record for you to create healthy expectations. You’ll also undergo a thorough health exam during the pre-surgery period.


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