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Stretch mark treatments include cream, lotions and safe effective cosmetic procedures such as dermabrasion and laser resurfacing techniques. Learn how to reduce your stretch marks naturally occur during puberty, pregnancy, weight gain or strength training.

Stretch Mark Treatment For Reducing Skin Surface Blemishes

Is Stretch Mark Removal Realistic? Rapidly expanding skin… stretching … due to normal fast growth puberty maturing, pregnancy, or weight gain results in discolored patches of skin. You’ll see elongated smooth surface purplish colored blotches where your surface skin layers have lacked sufficient elasticity to deal with the pressure of expanding interiors. If your condition is family genetics combining with sedentary lifestyle to create constant weight gain, then you’ll have to get your weight under control before attempting stretch mark treatment programs.

• Athletes And Strength Training. Hard training athletes, committed to regular weight lifting and strength building programs, typically see stretch marks forming across the chest, shoulders, lower back and legs as new muscle forms at a rate faster than your skin can accommodate. Thinning stretched skin naturally results in marks.

Stretch Marks

• Steroids Tip Your Body’ Chemistry. Prescription steroidal anti-inflammatory classes of drug, such as hydrocortisone, can cause you to need stretch mark treatment if you prolong use of such drugs. Think about time frames of 30 days and longer and you may find yourself showing signs of incremental stretch mark growth. The good news is that generally once you stop using steroidal medications, your skin chemistry adjusts, and the stretch marks naturally fade.

• Short Term Inexpensive Stretch mark Treatment: Cosmetics. If you’re not planning to be in the water, then you can easily and relatively inexpensively get color match body color cosmetics to match your skin color tone. Result? No one will even see your stretch marks. Also, certain sunless tanning lotions do a nice job of covering over stretch marks.

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