Stretch Mark Creams And Lotion

Stretch mark cream softens and rejuvenates your skin. Discover how you can use stretch mark lotion formulations to add moisture and elasticity to your skin, and reduce the obvious features of these blotchy skin patches.

Getting Results With Stretch Mark Creams And Lotion

Skin Moisture And Elasticity. Face it. For most women, stretch marks are a feature of early maturity, with slight skin surface discoloring reflecting growth in the breasts, hips and legs. While natural and normal, these blotchy areas reflect your skin’s inability to sustain the necessary degree of elasticity and water levels. What’s going on is really at the cellular level where collagen is getting separated. You’re safe, your skin is basically OK, but light reflected off these areas returns to the viewer’s eye as blotchy red, or pink, or even white. Perhaps as high as 90% of women experience stretch marks, more pronounced in Caucasians than African-American women.

Stretch Marks

• How Stretch Mark Cream Helps. You know by now that even the best stretch mark creams are more designed to rejuvenate your skin’s out dermal layer, rather than actually remove stretch marks. Do you need a stretch mark cream? Very likely yes. Special oils and water-transporting formulations allow your skin to rapidly absorb the stretch mark lotion. Result? Your skin not only feels and looks better, but you’ll immediately notice the increase in hydration and elasticity.

• Stretch Mark Lotion For Topical Cosmetic Cover. During summer months when you plan to be vacationing and spending time in the water, you’ll be hard-pressed to find any stretch mark lotion that will be water-proof. Solution? Don’t fight it. Switch to a higher… or looser… or lower swimsuit design and simply cover up the more obvious stretch mark areas. Also, consider … for purely short-use cosmetic reasons… sunless tanning creams which can be an effective cosmetic strategy. You can also buy inexpensive pigment-enriched stretch mark lotion formulations which can easily match your skin tone. Prices vary but you might get a color cover-up for under $15 or move up to more sophisticated formulation selling at around $60 for a 5oz to 7 oz stretch mark cream.


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