Neck Lift Surgery For Reducing Jowly Sagging

Neck lift surgery can help you to reduce “turkey neck” excess skin and fatty deposits. Safe, proven performance results make modern neck lift cosmetic surgery a smart technique to re contour your lower face and neck

Guideline To Neck Lift Cosmetic Surgery

Development Of “Turkey Neck”. When fatty deposits occur in the neck area and when the patient’s genetics resulted in a less defined chin-jaw line, then a condition popularly described as “turkey neck” occurs. Appearing to the eye as perhaps premature aging, this condition is being treated by the plastic surgery profession in way that bring significant relief and benefit to people who were simply “born that way”.

Combination Face Lift Liposuction Procedure. The neck lift procedure, viewed at the practical surgical level, is actually a combination of face lift procedure and liposuction. Statistically, up to 170,000 people elect this procedure in order to counter these genetics. The 35-50 age group bracket dominates the category with up to 50% of the total market operations. The next age group to dominate is the 51-64 age group which accounts for perhaps 35% or more of the market, leaving the balance in the very young an very old population segments. At 170,000 usage levels, this procedure accounts for a projected $1.53 billion in industry revenues by 1998, with usage and pricing increases continuing into 2003.

Neck Lift Plastic Surgery

Qualifying Yourself For Neck Lift Cosmetic Surgery. You’ve got to be in good physical and mental health in order to qualify for neck lift procedures. Don’t arrive at your doctor’s interview with the flu, a cough, or surface skin infections, or be obese. If you do, then you won’t be accepted as a candidate for the procedure. Re-contouring your neck and lower face is serious surgery and you must create the proper health conditions and mental outlook in order to get the most benefits.

Issues For You And Your Surgeon To Evaluate. The problems associated with the “turkey neck” concern fatty deposits and your jaw line shape. Fatty deposits can be primarily addressed via the use of liposuction procedures, which require small site incisions and then the careful suctioning out of excess fatty deposit. The liposuction can in certain cases be assisted through the use of an endoscope in order to obtain greater precision, as well as to delimit post-operative scarring, bruising and swelling as well as reducing recovery times.

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