Navel Surgery As A Mini Tummy Tuck Enhancement Surgery

Consider navel surgery if your belly button is distended or oddly shaped. Mini tummy tuck procedures such as belly button enhancement surgery can completely reshape and improve your stomach profile.

How Belly Button Enhancement Surgery Improves Your Stomach Profile

What Causes A Protruding or Oddly Shaped Belly Button? At birth, your umbilical cord is cut, and then tied. Most people don’t realize that your belly button is essentially a scar formed after your umbilical cord is attached to the underlying muscles. Mini tummy tuck enhancement surgery comes into play when activity levels, gaining of fat or other maturing processes result in a more pronounced and typically protruding belly button.

Tummy Tuck

• Beauty Enhancement Goal Of Navel Surgery. Re-shaping your belly button becomes more compelling if the surrounding skin begins to sag… or fat increases around your navel. Result? Your belly button can be ‘pulled’ in one direction or the other, resulting in misshapen profile. The mini tummy tuck surgery addresses those surrounding skin sagging areas, reducing them, tightening up the area. What do you get out of it? Your belly button becomes beautifully shaped once again.

• Belly Button Surgery: Risk Areas.

Remind yourself that all surgery is serious. Your state of health prior to navel surgery is a major factor. Other possible risks include infection… bleeding… scarring… or your belly button becoming even more asymmetrical and misshapen.


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