Calf Augmentation And Leg Lift Plastic Surgery

Get balanced shapelier legs with calf augmentation plastic surgery. Leg lift cosmetic surgery is proven safe effective and can make a great difference in how men and women feel about their lower body image.

Guideline To Leg Lift Surgery

• Symmetry And Curves. Face facts. Genetics, as much as any number of workouts, may limit what sort of muscle mass and shape you can develop in your calves. Men and women both face the same issues. Solution? For the right candidates, calf augmentation or leg lift cosmetic surgeries gives you the means to safely and instantly get the lines and projected muscle mass to balance the rest of your body.

• How Does The Leg Lift Procedure Work: Initial Screening Interview. You’ll need to interview several cosmetic surgeons, settling on the one you feel most comfortable about based on their understanding of your needs, along with their patient history. Your surgeon will ask a number of “current health” survey questions, plus do a physical exam. Surgeons look for your overall health indicators, skin health in the target calf region, plus he’ll carefully measure both calves as well as other key and related body measurements.

Leg Lift Surgery

• Determining Your Body Symmetry. Calf augmentation cosmetic surgery is highly personal. Your legs will be carefully measured in order to see whether you (gastronemius muscles) have sufficient space to accept the medical grade solid silicone inserts, which come in a variety of sizes and shapes. Medical grade silicone inserts, unlike silicone gel breast implants, do not break, leak or become absorbed by surrounding tissues. OK, so once your calf measurements are taken, these measurements are compared to your arms and chest. Why? In order to create optimum symmetry and balance with your other body sections.

• Leg Lift Cosmetic Surgery Technical Summary. You’ve been checked out. Surgery date in an outpatient facility is set. You may elect waist-down partial anesthesia or general anesthesia. A 1” to 2” incision is made in the loose skin behind the knee and calf. Your medical grade silicone insert is located on top of your calf muscles. Suturing closes the wound. Typical calf augmentation surgery will be completed in under1 hour.

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