Labia Reduction Surgery - Labiaplasty - Large Labial Reduction

Labia surgery can help you to feel better about yourself, improve your looks in clothes or during exercise. Learn more about safe reliable labia surgery and related vaginal rejuvenation procedures.

Labia Surgery For Lifestyle Improvements

• Why Labia Surgery? For all the values and complexity that evolution produces, it also pushes out designs that fail to fall into line with contemporary fashion. In the 19th century Victorian era, women struggled with corsets. 21st century women, wearing tighter more revealing clothes understand that female genital shaping may be revealed. Result? Women with somewhat larger labia minora soft tissue structure seek cosmetic surgery in order to reduce overall size.

• Fashion, Sports Training Comfort And Sexual Relations. Labia surgery may be especially appropriate if your dressing style includes close-fitting garments. Similarly, if you’re like many modern women who exercise frequently then you’ll want to be embarrassment-free in the tighter fitting gym clothes. With extended labia majora or minora soft tissues encircling the vaginal opening, some women experience a physical discomfort during sexual intercourse. And, of course, you may simply want an aesthetically more pleasing physiognomy. Don’t feel embarrassed to discreetly investigate how labia reconstructive surgery can benefit you.

Labia Surgery

• How To Plan For Your Labia Surgery. Labia reduction surgery is elective and you’ll be scheduling your procedure in an out-patient venue. The actual procedure requires you to receive general anesthesia, and you’ll be done in about 1-hour. You’ll need to plan on a pre-op exam, in order to check for basic background health issues.

• Costs And Risks Of Labia Surgery. Labia reconstructive surgery is well developed, with specialists offering caring, understanding and exceptional performance results. Generic surgical risks however, always include the potential for bleeding, scarring or infection. Costs for labia reduction surgery vary by market, however expect to pay around $4,000.

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