Hands Plastic Surgery To Enhance Skin Appearance

Revitalize your hands appearance with hand plastic surgery as well as non-surgical procedures. Reduce bony, splotchy looks with safe proven procedures to give a more youthful sheen to your hands.

Benefits Of Cosmetic Enhancements For Your Hands

Removing Discoloration. Hands reflect usage and time. Hands can appear bony, wrinkled and discolored due to damage over the years from sun exposure, outside work, sports like weight lifting, injuries, soaps and industrial chemicals such as paint which many people come into contact with over their lives. Safe chemical peel abrasions chemically remove that discolored upper skin layer, leaving you with softer fresher skin. Expect that at some future date a repeat alphahydroxy acid and chemical peel treatment procedure may be necessary because initial treatment results are not permanent in nature. You might spend from $400 to $800.

Reducing Wrinkling, Excessive Lines And Creases. You’ve got great choices in cosmetic procedures for your hands, where you can get virtually instant results. A popular nerve and muscle relaxant, BOTOX® Cosmetic, is one treatment option to consider.

Reducing Bulging Veins. For bulging veins, the surgeon can inject a saline solution that causes the vein to collapse. This procedure, known as sclerotherapy, will cost about $300 to $350.

Hand Surgery

Getting A Rounded Plumper Look In Your Hands. Fat injections provide yet another alternative treatment to the alphahydroxy acid and chemical peel treatment. Adding fat, alone, may not counter the other aging signs that pepper the hands. Sanding off the top layer of the skin, a process known as micro-dermabrasion, can also be used in conjunction with fat injections for the hands.

Full Blown Hands Plastic Surgery: Costs. A hands plastic surgery procedure is not like buying potatoes. You may pay up to $11,000 per operation for both hands. Other surgeons counsel their patients that the best and semi-permanent results will occur from two-three operations. However, each operation will cost $3,000+ so at day’s end, the customer seeking revitalized looking hands will fork over the same $11,000.


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