Ultrasound Cellulite Therapy For Smooth Skin And Body Shaping Results


When thigh cellulite builds up, reduce uneven rough dimpling skin with state of art ultrasound cellulite reduction treatment professionally administered. Learn about body contouring benefits of ultrasound fat removal.

How Ultrasound Creates A Smoother Skin Result.

By now you realize that "cellulite" is a wide-spread and un-popular skin appearance…dimples and shadows plus lumps and bumps…but cellulite is not a technical nor medical term for anything other than a de-natured normally occurring body fat cell. A fat cell, in its "normal" nature keeps to a smaller size, and doesn't exhibit this "lumpiness" created by a build-up of fibrous connective bands encircling the fat cell.

Delivering Controlled Energy Against Body Fat Cells. Ultrasound "light energy" delivers a carefully-controlled measure of light energy below your skin surface where your thigh cellulite fat cells are doing their lumpy damage to your upper skin surface look. These thigh fat cells rapidly absorb the ultrasound energy, increasing cell interior temperatures by perhaps 5 degrees or more…just enough to break-down the cell membrane…just enough to now release the stored cellular fat for natural body elimination.

Cellulite Therapy

Ultrasound Benefit – Safety And Low Impact. Ultrasound has become an emergent cellulite treatment technology after a prior career as a safe diagnostic tool…monitoring a fetus inside a mother's womb…a subsequent use in kidney disease as a tool to break up kidney stones. No scalpels, no anesthetic necessary. All you feel is a slight warming, below the surface. Little down time. No bruising, swelling or pain. Virtually no pre-treatment regimen or health risks.

To aid results your ultrasound treatment may also feature a mechanical massaging of the treatment area. Why? In order to assist the break-up of thigh or butt cellulite cell membranes, release the swelling of these fat cells, and to promote increased blood supply and lymphatic action to steer the released fat away from your legs and butt, for natural body elimination.

Ultrasound Performs Like Cellulite Pill And Cream Formulations Can Only Dream About. You know full well that your thigh cellulite "lumps" have been slow-developing but irreversible. These denatured fat cells produce enlarged bundles of cells below the skin surface… no cellulite cream will have the chemistry necessary to penetrate the dermal barriers, therefore there's little chance of creams offering more than "snake medicine" efficacy. Any cellulite pill would deliver its effect across your entire body, therefore local butt cellulite build-ups could never be realistically targeted with a pill.

Ultrasound Treatment Plans For Body Contouring Success. Realistically, you'll need 5 to 10 plus treatments in any one large area such as extended thigh cellulite deposits in order to show results…and then hold those results with follow-on treatments. Cellulite reduction treatment costs vary by the shape and size of your body…the total volume and surface area of accumulated body fat. Expect multiple treatments, where you'll eventually render several pounds of butt or thigh fat, lose saddle bag size off your legs, re-gain your youthful smoother skin appearance.

Cellulite Therapy Costs. Each body demands unique treatment. Ask for a detailed multi-session cost estimate from your doctor or clinic. Expect session times to range up to 90 minutes.

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