Arm Lift Plastic Surgery - Upper Arm Brachioplasty Cost

With arm lift reconstructive surgery you can re-shape your upper arms. Discover how upper arm lift plastic surgery can neutralize age and time, reducing fat deposits and sagging extra skin folds.

Advantages Of Standard Mini Arm Lift Surgery

Improved Upper Arm Shapeliness.

Arm lift reconstruction surgery is all about fat and loose skin. Arms are a highly noticeable area that attracts considerable attention within the plastic industry profession. Arm lift cosmetic surgery is dominated by the 35- 50 age bracket who account for over 60% of all procedures in this category. The balance of mini arm lift procedures are taken by the adjoining age brackets, namely the 19-34 group and 51 and older group. Results lead to greater acceptance and demand.

Arm Lifts Reconstruction Surgery

Step 1: Getting Your Personal Evaluation. The surgeon carries out a patient profiling during the question and answer session. In the interview regarding the arm lift procedure the physician will ask about your medical history and whether you have any known drug allergies. Additionally, the doctor will examine you for evidence of any skin condition that might prove inimical to the planned procedure such as skin infections, abscesses, or sores that have not healed. Severe obesity may also make a variety of cosmetic surgery procedures out of the question, thereby requiring that the patient undergo some appropriate and managed diet in order to bring weight and body fat levels back to more appropriate levels.

What’s Involved In Standard Arm Lift Surgery? You’ll learn that standard arm lift, or brachioplasty, means that your surgeon will excise all loose skin and fat from under the arms. Surgical incisions, which are located in the inner arm area from the armpit to the elbow, are made with some curvature and are Z-shaped in order to decrease scar contracture and hardening. By contrast a straight-line incision is not only more noticeable, it heals with pronounced hardening that can result in a localized feeling of lumpiness for the patient.

How Long Arm Lift Reconstructive Surgery Takes. Overall the arm lift operation will take two to four hours to complete. You and your doctor may also decide to use a liposuction procedure to remove significant areas of fatty deposits.

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